Working together to empower the people of Malawi by investing in a healthy and hopeful future.

The Baobab Tree

For us, the baobab tree symbolizes the values that Lifeline Malawi embraces and represents the birth of our outreach, as Chris held his first medical clinic under a baobab tree. Similar to how the enormous and majestic tree provides shelter, food, water, and medicine for those in its environment, we strive to be a supportive and provisioning presence in the community. The thick and sturdy trunk represents our various supporters who make up the foundation of Lifeline by partnering with us to serve others. A common observation is that the branches of the baobab tree resemble a root system. This upside-down perspective, of visible and exposed roots, symbolizes how we are rooted in our core values in a transparent and accountable manner, so that we may abide by them in all that we do. In this way, we - like the baobab tree - can bear good fruits of love, compassion, humility, and joy while bringing healing to the communities in Malawi.


At Lifeline Malawi, we have a set of 5 core values that are essential to the operation of the work we do in Malawi.


In all of our initiatives we strive to demonstrate the love of Jesus for all people through caring for and valuing each individual, abiding by the principle of loving your neighbor as yourself.


With the hope God has given us, we work towards a bright and healthy future for Malawians, placing our trust in His continuous blessings.


We are steadfast in building forthright and honest relationships and are committed to complete openness and integrity in our activities, finances and decision-making.


We carry out our mission with passion, humility and unwavering effort. Together we are working every day to enrich the lives of others through the ability and great opportunity God has given us.


We believe in strengthening individuals, families and communities by building personal relationships and working in collaboration with others.

Our History

In 1998, acting upon God's call on his life, Chris Brooks, a medical doctor from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, sold his practice and moved to Malawi with his wife and daughter. Upon seeing the great need for a medical presence in the community of Ngodzi, Chris began working in the rural district that is approximately 100km southeast of the country's capital, Lilongwe. A property site was donated by the Ngodzi community and Lifeline Malawi was established as a registered Canadian charity in April 2003. The Ngodzi clinic was been sustained over the years through donations of generous supporters and has expanded to encompass a wide array of health and community services. In November 2005, with granting from the National AIDS Commission, Lifeline Malawi became an approved Voluntary Counseling and Testing center, facilitating the provision of antiretroviral medicine to HIV-positive individuals. Lifeline is extremely grateful for the support from Samaritan's Purse that enabled the development of clinic space for providing the HIV/AIDS counseling, testing and treatment program. In early 2007 Lifeline's medical services were expanded to a second

location in the area of Dowa and Kasungo with the construction of a second clinic at Kasese. In 2009, generous donations from a few individuals and foundations made the opening of two maternity wards possible - the Rosetree Maternity Clinic in Ngodzi and the AMOR Maternity Clinic in Kasese. In April 2012, the Kasese Clinic was entrusted to the Ministry of Health, as Lifeline no longer had the funding necessary to sustain it. This however proved to be a blessing in disguise as it facilitated the opportunity for Lifeline to partner with the local Malawian Government. Moreover, this change allowed for the government to receive quality facility space to provide services to its citizens representing a collaboration and partnership with a Canadian NGO rather than a model of dependency on foreign aid. Through persistent passion and the blessed opportunities God has granted us, we have been building relationships and serving the Ngodzi community and surrounding communities for over 10 years. We are utterly humbled by the enormous support from our donors and partners over the years that have made it possible for us to serve in the communities of Malawi.