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Gerson Zaithi is one of the smiling faces that our patients meet as they come to the Lifeline Malawi Health Centre. As a guard, he patrols the property at night, and greets people at the entrance gates on his day shifts. Gerson is outgoing and full of joy.  He is the father of four children who are twelve, ten, seven, and one years old.  He and his wife live very near the Health Centre, and he has worked for Lifeline Malawi since 2014.  When asked what he appreciated about working for Lifeline Malawi, he said “that his problems are being solved because he has a job and is being paid, meeting his daily needs.” He also pointed out that he is thankful for the free medical care he and his family receive at Lifeline Malawi.  “For if it had not been for Lifeline Malawi, I would have lost some of my family”.

When asked about what message he would give to our donors, he said “I will continue to pray for them, that God will bless the sources of their income, so I can continue working here, and helping my family”.

Thank you for your donation to Lifeline Malawi.  Consider becoming a monthly donor and supporting Gerson who keeps us safe and warms our hearts with his smile. For $100.00 per month, you could be supporting Gerson and his family. Every donation goes a long way in Malawi toward making a difference.

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