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Lifeline Malawi has been working in Africa for 23 years. Explore our projects and see what we are doing today in Malawi!
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On Oct 15, 2021, it was Mother's Day in Malawi and as a national holiday, they celebrate with the president who gives a national address to his people. The children thank their mother's by giving special gifts.

Happy Mother's Day Malawi

At Lifeline Malawi, we deliver about 700 babies each year and are proud to announce we have delivered approximately 7,150 babies over the years bringing with those babies 7,150 mothers and their families into Lifeline Malawi Medical Cantre!

View the work we are doing to help more Mother's in Malawi with our Maternity Ward.

While we celebrate each mother on this earth, we want to continue bringing more beautiful potential mothers safely into rural Malawi. Lifeline Malawi is currently fundraising for a new ultrasound machine in order to have less risky births, more life saving ovarian procedures and an reduction in heart related deaths by noticing problems in their early stages. Help us fund raise for this vital equipment, donate today!

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