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Stefano is 52 years old and with his wife and children, he Ives in the local fishing village of Chilambula. Of his five children, three are living at home and are attending local government schools. 
Stefano started working at a lifeline Malawi in 2003, helping to build the mission house. He likes working for Lifeline Malawi because of the Christian element and morning prayers. He has peace in his heart when he is at work and the prayers keep him going. Also, his needs are being fulfilled financially because he had this job. He hopes that LM will continue working. 

“Thank you to the donors, for their generosity to Lifeline Malawi. I have seen a change in the work over all these years. Thank you to the donors for I am happy that I can look after my family and I don’t sleep with an empty stomach. “ 

His message to donors

Agnes Kamende

Agnes comes from the Ngodzi area and has worked with Lifeline Malawi since 2005. She is a widow and has a fifteen year old son who is a a boarding school, so that he will receive a good education. Agnes joined LM as a patient attendant, helping as a cleaner and as a patient attendant at the RoseTree Maternity Unit. Agnes proved herself to be a good learner, cleverly picking up computer and data recording skills. With training, she became a pharmacy assistant and recently became the data clerk in the LM Health Centre’s HIV clinic. 

She likes working for LM because it helps her support her son’s education so he can go to university. She also appreciates having an income to help her sister and her family. Agnes says that LM is  her husband, looking after her needs. 

"I am thankful for the donors and to Dr. Brooks that I have a job. I suffered a lot in 2012 when Lifeline Malawi closed."

Her message to Donors

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