Together, we have made a difference in the
community of Ngodzi and will continue making a difference.

We are extremely thankful for 14 years we have spent serving in Ngodzi. Together we have made an immense difference in the lives of many Malawian people over the years and believe our continued efforts will even further strengthen the community of Ngodzi and surrounding communities.


Drilled a bore for the village to access clean water.

Brought electricity into the area.

Provided a maize mill for the Ngodzi community.

Built latrines for the local schools.

Established a church within the community.

What we will do to continue strengthening, empowering, and investing in a healthy and hopeful future for Malawians

SUPPORT THE LOCAL ECONOMY by purchasing 95% of our supplies locally and continuing to provide job opportunities to local Malawians to join our staff of 40 local employees.

through providing medicines, treatments and services, hindering a rise in orphaned children by strengthening parents and enabling them to work and care for their families.

PARTNER WITH LOCAL LEADERS of Ngodzi and the Malawian government to determine the appropriate and best approach to reaching out to communities to strengthen the health of the people.

IMPLEMENT PREVENTATIVE MEASURES to mitigate health issues within the community through public educational initiatives.

CONTRIBUTE TO PREVENTING THE SPREAD OF HIV/AIDS through reducing the likelihood of transmission from mother to child and through our community health education program.

PROVIDE OUR FREE AMBULANCE SERVICE to further help people get the care they need and deserve.

SUPPORT local pastors.