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Violet's rewarding Program!

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December 20, 2021

Children of God's Blessing is a program started in 2018 by Violet Pota, Lifeline Malawi's Head Nurse.

Violet's vision for this program was that children would really learn and understand the word of God and know Jesus.

Previously, over the past years, Violet noticed the lack of respect and the deteriorating morals in the lives of children in our community. Violet wants to raise up godly leaders for the future, and what better place to start but in the lives of young children, ages 8-13.

This program is really changing lives!

Lifeline Malawi Community

These children come to the Lifeline Malawi Health Centre after school for a time of recreation and a time for learning. The children receive extra tutoring in English, Chichewa, and Mathematics, and learn about God through Bible reading, moral teaching, and by memorizing scriptures.

The local schools recognize our program and the children are given credit for the subjects that they learn at Lifeline Malawi.

The tutoring supports them so they do well at school. The testimonies of parents are being heard in the community by our leadership team. These children are respectful, not talking back to their parents and are showing leadership amongst their peers!

Support our mission to bring compassionate health care to the people of our community and empower them towards a healthy and hopeful future.
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