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Chris Retires & Passes the Torch

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November 11, 2021

Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you all for your faithfulness to Lifeline Malawi! Many of you have journeyed with us since 2003
when Lifeline Malawi began and many others, we have met along the way. All of you have been, and
continue to be, vital to our success. It has been a privilege and a joy for Heather and me to serve the
people of Malawi and a delight to be able to share with you this amazing work that God began and
which he has blessed indeed.

I will be turning 83 years old this month and am thankful that I’ve had the energy and good health
needed all these years. But it is time for me to step aside and I am excited with the thought of a new
generation taking on this work, and that they will continue caring for the people that I love. I pass the
torch to a young man, Richard Roseboom, who is a Lifeline Malawi Board member, and who was
recently been appointed the President of Lifeline Malawi. Richard and his family have had connections
to Lifeline Malawi since 2008, when his father, George, came to Malawi to open the Maternity building
funded by him. Richard worked with Heather in 2013 when he and his Marketing and Consulting
company helped to rebrand Lifeline Malawi and to build our website.

Here is a glimpse of Richard who you will get to know more of in the coming months.
In High School Richard felt led by God to build a career path toward development work, to both help
people, and to spread God's word. Richard began by starting a Marketing and Consulting firm in High
School which he would run for nearly a decade. Through this he learned how to grow and lead a
business and a team. While working with a variety of clients from such sectors as politics,
entertainment, energy, software, investment, consumer goods, health, and of course charities like
Lifeline Malawi, Richard learned much about problem solving, about being resilient, as he worked with a
broad and diverse set of organizations, and about understanding different company cultures. Richard
then transitioned his learning and connections from the marketing company into scalable tech
companies. Feeling led by God to do so, all of Richard's shares are soon to be held in a trust called Neota
Shift.  Neota Shift is dedicated to shifting the value (capital and other resources) from his for-profit
enterprises to the development work he feels called to.  Richard is passionate about Lifeline Malawi
because of its mission, his family connection to the maternity ward, and because it aligns with where
God is calling him to in the next stage of his life.

Welcome Richard, to the Lifeline Malawi family!

With warm regards and blessing,

Chris and Heather

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