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THEY (Together Helping Empower Youth) SAY YES!

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April 15, 2021

Our Lifeline Malawi Youth Program gives us opportunity  to influence  youth and young adults in our community.  THEY SAY YES is the name of an LM initiative that we will be using to inspire youth to take positive steps to a better life. Together Helping Empower Youth Say Yes means saying:

  • Yes to Jesus
  • Yes to a HIV free life
  • Yes to staying in school
  • Yes to a drug free life
  • Yes to sexual abstinence
  • Yes to giving a helping hand

The list goes on.  With this initiative, we can not only empower youth to a better future but also engage community leaders and the community members for their support.

Lifeline Malawi is making a difference, influencing the next generations for Jesus and for making healthy choices in life. Teen pregnancies and school dropout are critically negative events that we are trying to reduce amongst the youth.  Young people are particularly at risk for being infected with HIV, due to early sexual activity and marriage, with 50% of new HIV infections in Malawi affecting those aged 15 to 17. Join us by saying yes to donating to Lifeline Malawi to help us with this work!

Young girl who needs our help through the THEY SAY YES initiative.
Support our mission to bring compassionate health care to the people of our community and empower them towards a healthy and hopeful future.
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